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SchroederLaw is a law firm located in Oakland, California that is focused on constitutional law at the intersection of intellectual property, immigration law, and social justice.  We opened our doors right before the pandemic in 2020, and have been rolling with the punches ever since.  Our story, like so many these days, is one of resilience and perseverance in unprecedented times. 

In the pandemic, and during the transition of power after January 6, 2020, we never lost sight of our purpose.  That purpose is to bring the best services to our clients possible in pursuit of justice.  As crises continued to sweep the nation, we focused our efforts inward publishing several papers in scholarly journals to pass on our knowledge and expertise to rising lawyers. 

At this time, we are especially interested in developing our appellate capabilities.  If you had a case in immigration court, federal court, or in California or Oregon state court and select other jurisdictions and are considering appeal, please follow the instructions below and schedule your initial consultation.  We are interested in consulting with other firms and accept referrals.


Our legal research and writing capabilities are extensive and authoritative.  Please review the publications page for a sampling of topics and issues we are working on.  These include artist rights, intellectual property matters, immigrant rights, federal jurisdiction, civil liberties and civil rights, social justice issues, non-profit formation, and much more. 

SchroederLaw is a trade name and service mark of Joshua J. Schroeder DBA Law Offices of Joshua J. Schroeder.


Immigration Law

Justice Centered Advocacy

SchroederLaw is committed to the highest standards of representation in the area of humanitarian immigration law including asylum, family based immigration, and  habeas corpus petitions.

Legal Advice

Constitutional Law

Our Passion is Human Rights

We are ready to advise on fundamental matters of constitutional law involving habeas corpus, the separation of powers, civil and human rights, and federal jurisdiction.

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Intellectual Property

Care for Creatives

SchroederLaw is devoted to developing premier advice on publicity rights, copyright, trademark, and internet law for the artist, tradesman, and business professionals.

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