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We practice Immigration Law and Intellectual Property Law. Our immigration services are focused on matters of humanitarian asylum, habeas corpus, bond hearings, removal defense, naturalization, and consular processing. We welcome prospective immigrant clients with criminal or family law issues, as well as immigrants presently in ICE custody. Please inquire with us for a quote for your matter. Please be aware that we have limited space for pro bono and modest means discounted services that we welcome inquiries about as well. We are located in Oakland, CA not far from the San Francisco Immigration Court.


On the Intellectual Property side we are focused on providing highly individualized services to artists including visual artists, musicians, performers, choreographers, songwriters, movie makers, screen writers, and book authors. We also focus on software, digital products and services, and small business brands including copyright and trademark registration services, contract drafting and negotiation, copyright and trademark clearance, employment and work for hire issues, publicity and privacy rights issues, and litigation. We are dedicated to helping artists grow their craft as a business and have the experience to help our clients place their artistic works with paying customers.

SchroederLaw's unique dual focus on immigrant and artist issues is backed by a strong foundation in Constitutional Law. We are prepared to help our clients assert their fundamental human rights including their right to immigrate, to make a living, and to free speech and expression. Our founder Joshua J. Schroeder spent nearly a decade building the foundation of our practice by researching and publishing on habeas corpus, copyright law, internet law, immigration law, equity jurisprudence, federal jurisdiction, and the Separation of Powers. He is also the author of a forthcoming book on the American Revolution.


We understand the importance of your case. With experience in a wide array of practice areas, SchroederLaw is committed to handling every matter it touches with the care and professionalism it deserves. Please contact us today for a consultation.

SchroederLaw is a trade name and service mark of Joshua J. Schroeder DBA Law Offices of Joshua J. Schroeder.


Immigration Law

Justice Centered Advocacy

SchroederLaw is committed to the highest standards of representation in the area of humanitarian immigration law including asylum, family based immigration, and filing habeas corpus petitions to release immigrants from ICE custody where appropriate.

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Constitutional Law

Our Passion is Human Rights

Our attorneys have spent years accumulating the requisite knowledge to advise on fundamental matters of constitutional law involving habeas corpus, qui tam suits, the Separation of Powers, and federal jurisdiction.

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Intellectual Property

Care for Creatives

SchroederLaw is devoted to developing premier advice on publicity rights, copyright, trademark, and internet law for the artist, tradesman, or young business professional.

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