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Joshua J. Schroeder, An Appeal to Heaven: Restoring the Ideals of the American Revolution for Our Children’s Children (forthcoming) (represented by Albert T. Longden Associates).


Joshua J. Schroeder, The Imagination Unbound: On the New Anti-Rights Trajectory of the U.S. Supreme Court, 50 Hastings Const. L.Q. ___ (forthcoming, 2023).


Joshua J. Schroeder, A Court of Chaos and Whimsy: On the Self-Destructive Nature of Legal Positivism, 29 Cardozo Journal of Equal Rights and Social Justice ___ (forthcoming, 2023).

Joshua J. Schroeder, The Boomer Interregnum: How Conservative Thought Dressed Up as Memory Will Shape an America that the Founders Never Intended, 50 Ohio N.U.L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming, 2023).


Interview with Dallin Johnson, Brooke Henderson, & Plakshi Jain, Power of Pro Bono Presents: Arts & Innovation Representation (AIR) on Music Sampling, BerkeleyLaw: AIRWaves Podcast (Sept. 14, 2022).

Joshua J. Schroeder, It Didn't Have to Go Down Like This: On the Merciless Bureaucratic Cost/Benefit Balancing Behind Biden's Failed Immigration Rollbacks, ImmigrationProf Blog (Mar. 20, 2022) (Guest Contribution).


Joshua J. Schroeder, Why Cost/Benefit Balancing Tests Don't Exist: How to Dispel a Delusion that Delays Justice for Immigrants, 125 W. Va. L. Rev. 183 (2022).


Joshua J. Schroeder, A Candle in the Labyrinth: A Guide for Immigration Attorneys to Assert Habeas Corpus after DHS v. Thuraissigiam, 49 Hastings Const. L.Q. 237 (2022), honored with a reprint in the Bender's Immigration Law Bulletin.

Joshua J. Schroeder, The Dark Side of Due Process – Part I: A Hard Look at Penumbral Rights and Cost/Benefit Balancing Tests, 53 St. Mary's L.J. 323 (2022).

Joshua J. Schroeder, The Dark Side of Due Process – Part II: Why Penumbral Rights and Cost/Benefit Balancing Tests are Bad, 53 St. Mary's L.J. 649 (2022).

Joshua J. Schroeder, The Dark Side of Due Process – Part III: How to Use Irreverent Double-Talk to Speak Back to Bad Men, 53 St. Mary's L.J. 929 (2022).

Joshua J. Schroeder, We Will All Be Free or None Will Be: Why Federal Power is Not Plenary, but Limited and Supreme, 27 Tex. Hisp. J. L. & Pol'y 1 (2021).


Joshua J. Schroeder, Leviathan Goes to Washington: How to Assert the Separation of Powers in Defense of Future Generations, 15 Fla. A&M U. L. Rev. 1 (2021).

Joshua J. Schroeder, Conservative Progressivism in Immigrant Habeas Court: Why Boumediene v. Bush is the Baseline Constitutional Minimum, 45 N.Y.U. Rev. L. & Soc. Change Harbinger 46 (2021)

Joshua J. Schroeder, The Body Snatchers: How the Writ of Habeas Corpus was taken from the People of the United States, 35 Quinnipiac L. Rev. 1 (2016).


Joshua J. Schroeder, America’s Written Constitution: Remembering the Judicial Duty to Say What the Law Is, 43 Cap. U. L. Rev. 833 (2015).


Joshua J. Schroeder, Bringing America Back to the Future: Reclaiming a Principle of Honesty in Property and IP Law, 35 Hamline J. Pub. L. & Pol’y 1 (2014).

Joshua J. Schroeder, Choosing an Internet Shaped by Freedom: A Legal Rational to Rein in Copyright Gate Keeping, 2 Berkeley J. Ent. & Sports L. 48 (2013).

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