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Philosophy of Practice

Justice Centered Practice

From time to time we will review, edit, update or make changes to our Philosophy of Practice. Nothing in the Philosophy of Practice should be construed as conclusive or binding on SchroederLaw's strategic decisions as a firm. Rather, this is an aspirational guide and a statement of intentions that the firm will do its best to pursue, on balance with practical client and firm interests, needs, and limitations.

Philosophy of Practice

Dec. 4, 2020

            ARTICLE I. The Law Offices of Joshua J. Schroeder (the "Firm") subscribes to a justice centered philosophy of practice that balances the interests of lawyer and client as follows. The philosophy informs all the decisions of the Firm including client or project selection, scope of practice, and legal strategy. It also informs the ways in which the Firm will ensure compliance with the Firm’s duties to the client of confidentiality, diligence, loyalty, and candor, as well as its general duties of honesty and competence owed to the government, tribunal, and the Bar.

            ARTICLE II. The Firm’s philosophy of practice is justice centered, which means that the interests of justice and pursuit of justice is the Firm’s core purpose. Therefore, the Firm intends that every client represented, every project accepted, the scope of representation chosen, and every legal strategy engaged will tend to secure justice. In other words, the Firm will pursue justice in all things even where justice is difficult to see or to determine.

            ARTICLE III. In the cause of pursuing justice, the Firm will choose the most prudent course for both the client and Firm. The Firm recognizes the practicalities of legal practice, the limitation of resources, and that client circumstances can change quickly. To this end the Firm is dedicated to being receptive to clients as their matters evolve, and attentive to the needs and limits of the Firm. The Firm is dedicated to listening to the client, especially regarding what they believe justice in their circumstance must require and their expectations regarding representation.

ARTICLE IV. In matters ancillary to justice, in which justice may be served with or without, a balance will be struck between Firm-centered and client-centered interests. The balance will comply with the applicable Rules of Professional conduct including the attorneys’ duties of loyalty, confidentiality, and candor to client as well as competent practice, and honesty and candor to the tribunal. It will correspond with both the Firm’s workload capacity and resources, the life balance of the individual attorney and/or staff engaged in the matter, and the client’s interest in a successful outcome, professional representation, and dedication to follow through.

ARTICLE V. The Firm has a dual focus on immigration law and intellectual property law. However, the Firm does not limit its practice to a type of law. The law is a web. Justice informs each of its threads. The Firm is prepared to give competent representation and to assist sister firms on contractual bases in a number of areas including but not limited to suits and actions related to immigration that are not strictly considered immigration law including constitutional law, intellectual property, criminal law, writs of habeas corpus, § 1983 suits, qui tam suits, international law, and more.